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Carffinity is a specialist division within award winning Salary Sacrifice Car scheme supplier Fleet Evolution

Employee benefits should be inclusive but employee demands can vary sharply as can work patterns. Carffinity allows you to offer savings on cars to those employees who may not be suited to salary sacrifice, due perhaps to living wage regulations, length of service or because of the type of car they need. Best of all this has no real involvement or risk from you, just circulate our promotional material and we’ll handle the rest!

As a general rule employees with a years service, permanently contracted with a base salary of £20,000 or more are best suited to salary sacrifice cars. Usually the scheme is the second or third salary sacrifice scheme you will introduce, you should be aware of the living wage and the cumulative effect of schemes such as cyclescheme and childcare vouchers.

Other motoring benefits we provide include:

Carffinity - An 'affinity' scheme, cherry picked competitive personal lease deals on low cost cars, not as lucrative as salary sacrifice cars but still well below dealer prices you may encounter and with no impact at all to the employer. This scheme is perfect for more junior staff, contractors and part time staff, delivering value and making them feel valued

Ecos - Ecos is another heavily tax dependant benefit that has often been made too complex by providers. Ecos is perfect for employees who do a large but regular amount of mileage on company business. In essence the scheme allows employees to take a personal car benefitting from corporate discounts and service, but without the benefit in kind. Ecos is a complex offering but we can simplify it for you and it can be perfect for senior employees who do high mileage

Fleet Evolution Direct - Salary sacrifice cars work best with low Co2 cars, the lower the Co2 the bigger the saving. However for some this is not suitable, if you want a personal deal on a more polluting car or the best company car rates that the market can offer then Direct is for you!

Risk management - Gret should be grey, whether you provide company cars, salary sacrifice cars or ask the employee to use their own car the HSE are clear. You must have robust safety systems and policies, an audit trail of their communication and enforcement and also a process to adapt and improve them. We provide all of this for our customers, in a bespoke way tailored to your needs.

Finally Salary sacrifice cars are not the only employee benefits we offer, we offer benefits from childcare vouchers to incentives for all employees, in many cases incentive schemes can be fully funded by NI savings from salary sacrifice, it's a truly innovative approach!

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